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Robots at home – that may soon be reality. Within the Florence project, a robot is meant to support older people, their relatives and care givers at home. The robot forms the central, mobile platform which collects data within the premises of the apartment and offers services and support such as health monitoring or social interaction. Essential advantage of a mobile robot is the extensive set of sensors; the installation of an extensive building automation or other sensors is not required.

The tasks of OFFIS, in particular, include the programming of the robot platform and the implementation of security functions. Goals of the project are, among others, the early detection of changes regarding the resident‘s mobility as well as securing the privacy in regard to sensitive patient‘s data.

In principle, it is easier to assess data regarding mobility and the risk of falls within the dependent´s home environment. The actual performance of mobility etc. can be determined only at home, and a continuous, long-term assessment is realizable only here. Also acute situations can be recognized and reported immediately.

Within the scope of the EU project Florence, OFFIS works together with Philips Electronics, the Netherlands, NEC Europe Ltd., Great Britain, Novay, the Netherlands, Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo, Spain, Tecnalia, Spain, Fundación Andaluza de Servicios Sociales, Spain, and Wany Robotics, France.



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