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With increasing age, the hearing ability often decreases. Communication gets harder, the television volume is constantly turned up, doorbell and phone calls are missed. This is not only irritating but directly influences the affected person´s social life. Hearing aids may be a good technical solution, however, people with hearing impairment often find them inconvenient or even stigmatizing.

The European research project “Hearing at Home“ observed the needs of people with hearing impairment within their home environment. By linking formerly separate devices such as computer, hifi systems, TV and phone, a uniform communication platform which bundles various acoustic communication channels was created.


 The special feature of the system: The sound is adapted specifically for the respective user and compensates exactly for his individual hearing impairment. Even without hearing aid the newscaster on television becomes clear again.

Working with six partners from four EU countries, OFFIS coordinated this project which was concluded successfully in 2009. Currently, marketing opportunities are being investigated.


Scientific manager

Andreas Hein

Projectmanager internal

Arne Schulz

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