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New models of health care for severely ill people

Patients with life-shortening diseases often long for spending their remaining time at home. Nevertheless, the care of a palliative patient is a big challenge – for the affected person, relatives and even professional medical providers. But just how may technology give adequate support?  OFFIS is dealing with these complex questions in two projects.

The aim of the successfully completed project PAALiativ was the development and integration of information and communication technologies for the support in the domestic care of palliative patients with lung carcinoma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Monitoring systems and communication structures help to keep an eyeon the patient´s physical and mental constitution. At the same time, they deliver an effective basis for the assessment of crisis situations.

Now, the project Cicely´s main target is the development of a coordinated and user-oriented technology and service as needed for sup-
porting specialized palliative out-patient care. The core aim will be the realization of an integrated system of care documentation and processes, which is linked to a domestic monitoring system based on the results made in the PAALiativ project. The system is comple-
mented by coaching and empowerment modules. The interdisciplinary care of seriously ill patients is supposed to be optimized by shared access via an Internet portal in order to lessen the burden on caring relatives and the palliative care professionals.

In the scope of this project, OFFIS cooperates with Johanniter Unfallhilfe, Oldenburg; ipac – Institute for Palliative Care, Oldenburg; Palliativzentrum, Oldenburg; Bosch as well as NOWIS Nordwest- Informationssysteme.