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Telemedical care for dementia patients in domestic environment

The number of those suffering from dementia is increasing steadily, and therefore domestic care becomes more and more important. With adequate help, a dignified life at home can still become reality for patients with light or moderate forms of dementia.

In the project Mneme, existing technologies and latest research findings are linked to a new and marketable product in order to improve the care situation of dementia patients by the application of telemedicine. With this, it is aimed at improving the in-home care situation of people suffering from dementia. The project focuses on these three main tasks: A technically unobtrusive infrastructure will be set up in order to support dementia patients, monitor their health and reflect behavioral changes. The medical evaluation of these parameters helps detecting therapeutic success and to make adjustments if necessary. With a telemedicine center as the core of the organizational structure, a smooth and economically sustainable service is guaranteed.

The region of Quakenbr├╝ck and the Oldenburg M├╝nsterland, which are particularly predestined for this project, were selected as pilot regions. The goal of the project is the development and institution of a well-tested business model for tele-medical support within the domestic sphere. OFFIS is working with CORANTIS Kliniken GmbH and GewiNet Competence Centre for Health Economy.