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Automated activity recognition and emergency report as complement to home emergency call systems

Home emergency call systems are a big relief for older people: If necessary, pressing a button is enough and help is on its way. However false alarms may occur which can be annoying and unpleasant. But even worse: If in an emergency the alarm cannot be sounded because the user is unable to act, one could be faced with serious health consequences.

Within the project of AmbiAct, OFFIS is developing components additional to AAL features in order to enhance existing call systems. The development is based on preliminary work from other projects which are now filed for patent. The implementation is tested in a comprehensive field trial in the scope of the already established infrastructure of home emergency systems.

Due to decentralized power measurement and device identification, the sensitivity of the call triggering is increased while the amount of false alarms is lowered. Moreover, new services for call system providers are f.e. monitoring of everyday activities or detecting critical situations. Even other services can be offered on short notice and as needed. The technical implementation will be realized by one of OFFIS´ spin-offs in cooperation with the Johanniter Unfall- Hilfe e.V who will additionally provide the complementary services. After successful evaluation, the AmbiAct system will be placed on the market.