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Strategic Projects on the Future of “Ambient Assisted Living”

Besides the development of assistive systems for aging, OFFIS also intensively works on the question of what the future of this research topic will look like, and which measures are needed to promote the development of a market of powerful, affordable, modular and extensible assistive systems: systematic research, the development of standards and norms, and the creation of a suitable framework by politics.

The German RAALI project, coordinated by OFFIS, is drafting a “roadmap for the interoperability in the field of assistive systems for the home environment”, performs a review of software platforms for AAL available on the market, and develops concepts for a vendor-independent standardization of AAL use cases (so-called integration profiles). The EU project AALIANCE2 („European Next Generation AAL Innovation Alliance“) develops a European “AAL roadmap” and a “Strategic Research Agenda” and, in addition to the European context, also consi-
ders current developments in the USA, Japan, and South Korea.

All activities have the goal of a continuous exchange of information between science and industry: On one hand this allows for research results to be transferred faster into products for the preservation and recovery of health, on the other hand OFFIS stays up- to- date in regard to the challenges and issues faced by industry and users.