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A cooperation between OFFIS, Möller-Wedel Optical, IAPG and Axios 3D aims to develop an integrated solution for neurosurgical micro-optic navigation. The commercial neurosurgical navigation systems currently require a large amount of space within the operating theatre and a free line of sight to the microscope and patient in order to measure positions. The project objective is thus to miniaturise and integrate a position measuring system into an operating microscope.

This should result in improved navigation system ergonomics, since the measuring system no longer has to be aligned. Operating times will be reduced since doctors and assistants will be able to work alongside the navigation system. Measuring distances will be shortened, thus also providing increased accuracy and manipulation options in the micrometre range. The microscope with integrated navigation system, to be developed in collaboration with the companies Axios 3D and Möller-Wedel, would have a unique feature worldwide and could be offered as an addition to Möller-Wedel microscopes.