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Interconnected living of dementia patients in a district

In most cases dementia patients wish to stay in their own home for as long as possible. For elders, the own home is a place of safety and protection. Furthermore, people suffering dementia disease are often not able to adjust to new environments and circumstances. However, if people with dementia live alone in their own apartments, problems may occur. These problems affect not only the dementia patients but also their relatives.
In the project "QuoVadis", a new concept of living will be developed and evaluated. This new concept – of “interconnected living of dementia patients in a district” – enables dementia patients to stay longer in their own home. Therefore, a district-manager, who gives a helping hand to the patients and their relatives, is involved in the concept.
To empower the district-manager to support the patients as much as possible, the apartments of the patients are equipped with sensors. The intelligent sensor system is able to detect problems and to inform the quarter manager if necessary. In urgent situations the intelligent sensor system in the apartment is able to make an emergency call without any human interaction.

In the project “QuoVadis”, OFFIS cooperates with the Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe e.V. and the GSG Oldenburg.