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LivingCare aims to develop a human-centered, adapting home automation system, which covers scenarios of Assistant Living, comfort, safety as well as energy efficiency. While doing so, it adapts to the life, habits, preferences and needs of the user. It aspires to trigger a shift in the domain of home automation from static, deterministic steering mechanisms to adaptive, self-learning systems. The fusion of the spheres of activity (Assisted Living, comfort, safety, energy efficiency) will result in a common technological basis and therefore gives rise to new value added chains in the care, in-house emergency and home automation industries.

LivingCare will supplement already existing solutions for home automation and in-house emergency systems with new sensors as well as integrated behavior- and environment models as well as situational intervention mechanisms. The system will recognize patterns of activity, such as use of rooms in order to adjust heating, without any necessary intervention by the user. In case of an emergency, the LivingCare system will react in accordance with user-defined emergency scenarios.