Population´s development and the demographic change lead to modifications within various areas of life and raise questions such as:

How would we like to reside when we are old?

Will we be able to take care of ourselves or will we be taken care of? How and where will we be cared for? What do mobility and social contacts look like at age? But also: Can we even imagine being supported by technology?

What should that specific technology look like? What is the impact on our privacy? Is technology even able to replace human and physical proximity? Are these new technologies and new medical therapies affordable for us? 

At old age, most people wish for a self-determined life within the own premises even. Especially after retiring, the home environment becomes the center of life. Its design , in order to remain at home, becomes an important issue.

OFFIS has dealt with these social questions at an early stage and already works on developing and integrating technical concepts which improve home care and support. These concepts are supposed to offer new ways of communication and support the user´s own mobility and are called “Ambient Assisted Living” (AAL).